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The ABLE Wellness Center is a progressive health care center that combines the many benefits of personalized chiropractic care with the science based principles of Functional Medicine (a dynamic approach to the assessment, treatment, restoration from, and/or prevention of complex or chronic health conditions). After thirty-five years in practice, Dr. John is quite experienced in specific spinal manipulative therapy and he is keenly aware of the intimate relationship between spinal mechanics and the normal functioning of the many different systems of the human body. As such, the chiropractic side of his practice is goal oriented and may include:

- focused spinal manipulative therapy
- Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy
- functional foot orthotics
- and a variety of home therapies

For the past twenty years, Dr. John has had a special fondness for Functional Medicine, personalized nutrition, and the interdependent relationships of the different systems of the human body. As such, the Functional Medicine side of his practice complements the chiropractic side which creates a very unique practice that offers many long term sufferers a new perspective for the treatment of their chronic condition by utilizing:

- various forms of functional evaluations (including blood, saliva, stool, or urine)
- Far Infrared Sauna sessions
- personalized dietary, lifestyle, and/or nutritional counseling
- and a Wellness Academy (7 two-hour sessions every Wedsnesday evening over a six week period; presented twice a year in April/May and September/October).


  • Chiropractic
  • Functional Medicine
  • Wellness Academy classes
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent
  • Dietary, Lifestyle, and Nutritional Counseling


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John C. Slizeski
Chiropractor & Health Coach