Swede Wellness LLC


Healthcare & Wellness

About Us

With our roots in Sweden and our heart in every journey we make, we have a passion for spreading wellness to everyone around us. We have found balance in our lives and are now on a mission to help others find that same balance.

Some of our services:

- Inspirational speaker for team meetings/ kickoffs
- Cooperate wellness workshops
- Yoga and wellness retreats
- Yoga and fitness classes

Sofie brings knowledge and experience from many aspect of life, a few of the titles she proudly wears are: People Manager in a Corporate Ad Tech company, Entrepreneur, Musician, Immigrant, Mother, Teacher, Woman. What she has found is that every company, no matter how big or small, consists of people. And people need wellness to feel good and deliver good results. When we invest in preventive care rather than reactive care, we can save both money and productivity.

We hope to spread the knowledge and passion we have for wellness through anything and everything we do. Let us know how we can help you and your staff live a more balanced life.


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