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About Us

NeuroGrove is an integrative brain-body wellness center that utilizes cutting-edge brain technology to discover and address the roots of clients' challenges. The people that come to us tend to struggle with cognitive or emotional challenges, such as anxiety, posttraumatic stress, depression, attention deficits, memory issues, ''mystery illnesses'', or lasting effects following a concussion/brain injury. Many of these clients' struggles have not been adequately resolved through conventional medicine or psychotherapy alone, or they are looking for effective, natural alternatives.

At NeuroGrove, we strive to get to the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. Often these issues have roots in the brain and various systems of the body. Thus, we look at the whole person, whole system to determine the most likely roots of what ails you and design the most effective program to help you achieve true, lasting healing.

We use 3D brain imaging, comprehensive brain-body wellness assessments, and other analyses to find the roots, and then offer a variety of innovative interventions, such as neurofeedback, neurostimulation, psychotherapy, movement, mindfulness,and nutrition to help clients rewire their brains, optimize their health, and become the best versions of themselves.