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“WHO is your business?”

It’s an odd-sounding question but an important one that, whether you’re a solopreneur or a CEO, you need to be able to answer.

This question concerns your brand identity and how you project it to the world.

You see, if you don’t answer it correctly, you’re sabotaging your success.

An example of a critical mistake that companies, organizations, and professionals make is adopting the faulty strategy of promoting themselves to their target audience as being better than everyone else.

It’s ineffective since “everyone else” takes a similar approach.

So to your audience, “better” simply looks and sounds more like the same.

It ends up being that much bigger of a hurdle to convince them to choose you.

In the end, not knowing “who your business is” means you don’t have a brand identity that stands out and stays memorable in the eyes, ears, and minds of the people you’re trying to attract.

Let’s change that.

I help you craft a distinctive brand identity through what you show and say.

In addition to what you’re about and why you do what you do, I emphasize how you’re meaningfully different--not just better--than your competition.

This is important because, in the end, people always remember different in a way they don’t remember better.

As a result, you’ll escape being compared directly to your competition.

And, above all, you’ll have a brand identity that resonates and reflects “who” your business truly is.