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Who are my clients?

My clients are smart, reasonable, financially fair people who recognize the time for fighting is over. They prioritize family and finances over the fight. They usually start by telling me they want their divorce to be amicable.

What I hear the most: "We don't want attorneys"

Did you know you can divorce without attorneys and expensive, protracted litigation? The second things I hear the most; ''I wish I knew you existed when I got my divorce''.

We provide a Method to Do Divorce Well through transparent, cooperative, facilitated data driven dialogue.

Consider the possibility of divorcing in a cooperative rather than combative process.

Divorce if difficult, uncertain and expensive. Mediation with a financial neutral allows you to stay in control of negotiations in a confidential process where YOU determine the outcomes, not the Court.

Krista Kaufmann, CDFA ® has worked with families in transition her entire career. She is educated and experienced in family law with certifications in conflict resolution and divorce financial analysis. Contact Krista if you are thinking about divorce, court ordered to mediate or are asking yourself the question, am I going to be OK financially, if/when I divorce.


Know the numbers in your divorce.
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